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NPGA Report (Jan 2014) PDF

President's Report (December 2013 Newsletter)

Greetings from Corrales Kids' Ranch. This is the 3rd newsletter sent to our members to update them on the status of the club. We are a bonafide club again! We may be small, but we have such dedicated members that we're successful in bring our club back with five shows the first year! We encourage more participation from members and welcome you for projects or event planning. Remember to always invite new members by directing them to our website. Membership forms are printable there. We also like comments made to our Facebook website and encourage you to participate there as well.

Accomplishments have been so far: Five pygmy goat shows held the first year. Donations and memberships are coming in, newsletters and Facebook website set up. and online meetings. Plans for next NM State Fair are to purchase a new microphone and herd exemption card-good for (3) years to the membership! A reminder of membership dues will be sent before Jan 1st. I encourage members to donate extra monies to cover needed purchases and can be sent along with your dues. FYI, required personal herd exemptions would cost each member $100.00! So you are receiving benefits by being a member with us. Please continue to support your club; as this will benefit all members.

The Caprine Halloween show went off without a hitch, even though one judge had a flight delay and the other missed her flight. Thanks to all the members who did their jobs of setting up, decorating, cooking, and cleaning. I sent out pics of the show to our Facebook club site. From there it went viral on Facebook with tons of likes. Heather and I will be sending the info off to Memo ASAP so that you can view the results of the last show.

We will be planning a Spring show soon, so stay in touch and give us your feedback on the dates. Looking forward to those Spring kids. Got all mine bred except for two still to go. Call or email me with any concerns as always.

Blessings, President Renee


NMPGC Brand Number: can be used at fairs and for Livestock Inspection Forms. Contact Renee Furst to obtain the NMPGC's brand number.


Scrapie Tags: They can be ordered through the NM Livestock Board. (All sheep and Goats must have Scrapie Tags)


·         Per the NM Livestock Board Pygmy goats can have the tag on a collar around their neck (Dr. Tammy Burton, NMLB)


Livestock Inspection Forms: The form should be good for 1 year for instate travel. (Check with your Inspector)

·         If you go out of state you will need a new form for each show you attend.

·         You will need the address of the show location, Scrapie Tags for each animal, and registration papers if the animal is registered.


Identification Requirements for New Mexico Pygmy Goats:

·         Registered Pygmy goats 6 months and older must have a permanent legible breed registry tattoo placed in the ear, tail web or flank. A breed registry tattoo may be used in lieu of a scrapie tag. (Your tattoo numbers are shown on your goats NPGA registration papers)

·         Pygmy goats under 6 months without a breed registry tattoo must utilize an official USDA scrapies tag affixed to a neck chain/collar with the breed registry number written on the reverse side of the scrapie tag in indelible ink.

Donation Items:

The club is currently trying to sell donated items on ebay and Craigslist. Members wanting to participate can easily post items themselves and send the profits to the club. Make checks payable to NMPGC. Have questions or need help posting? You can email Heather Vernon at